To notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.

I've always spent my most enjoyable moments observing situations. Watching people interact or just being themselves in their own space. 

Reading over old report cards from school, teachers often commented that they felt I wasn't engaged in the class and were hoping I would one day come out of my shell. Not understanding that I was fully engaged in the process of observation which connected me to a life that for me ran far deeper than the surface level interactions they hoped I would take part in.

Christopher Phillips is a photographer that works across projects that bridge both the commercial and fine art fields. His work has been published throughout Australian, Europe and the US. He has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and London. 

Christopher's personal work is an exploration of the human condition. His particular interest is in the meditative states of consciousness and how the practice of art forms that induce these states enhance our general wellbeing, our ability to focus,
to feel empathy, to be less self focused and most importantly to feel a deep sense of meaning and contentment in our lives.

Christopher teaches "Meditative Photography Workshops" through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.


Vogue Living, Australian GQ, Australian Bell Magazine, W Magazine (US), Delux Digital (UK), Culture Magazine, 1883 Digital (UK),  Allen & Unwin Publishing. Marie Claire. 


YouTube, L’Oreal Paris, Google, Redken, London Symphony Orchestra, D&AD, Coca-Cola, Shilla, Lola Vs Harper, Victoria & Maude, SBS, Warner Bros.